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  • If you live in or have a business in North San Mateo County >> Amanda Anthony
  • If you live in or have a business in South San Mateo County >> Teresa Perez
  • If you live in or have a business in San Jose or Santa Clara County >> Janet Viana

Business Certification

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center’s (Renaissance) new BizCert program can help you build your capacity and secure certification as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). Your business must be in, or you must live in, San Mateo County. This will open doors for you to access contracting opportunities that can lead to significant growth in your bottom line.

Our Team

Renaissance Peninsula and South Bay

Tim Russell
Program Director

(650) 321-2193 ext. 1102

Nora Razon
Center Director, San Mateo Small Business Development

(650) 395-9130

Amanda Anthony
Program Director, North San Mateo County

(650) 829-4651

Carlos Reyes Jr.
Program Coordinator, North San Mateo County

(650) 829-4660

Alexia Huerta
Program Assistant, North San Mateo County

(650) 829-4635

Janet Viana
Program Manager, Santa Clara County

(408) 827-5579

Elvira Rojas
Program Coordinator, Santa Clara County

(408) 256-2559

Teresa Perez
Program Manager, South San Mateo County

(650) 321-2193 ext. 1104

Beatriz Orozco
PT Program Assistant, South San Mateo County

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Start Smart

If you have a business idea, our Start Smart class will help you test the feasibility of that idea, develop foundational business skills and build your business network.

Business Prep

If you have made steps toward starting a business, have taken an introductory class, or are ready for growth, Business Prep is your next best step on the path to success. You will learn business skills, develop financials, write an Action Plan and build networks with other like-minded entrepreneurial individuals and expert consultants.

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Workshops & Events

Continue to develop essential business skills, networks and knowledge with our workshops and special events.

Women's Empowerment

Renaissance’s Women’s Business Center, a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), provides business training, access to capital and markets and support strategies that are essential to the successful growth of emerging and established women entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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