Angelique Clark of Angelique Interiors

January 20, 2016 1:36 pm
After working in a sewing workroom serving interior designers for over 12 years, Angelique Clark took the leap and opened her own custom workroom, Angelique Interiors in 2001.  While simultaneously taking the Business Planning class at Renaissance, Angelique was able to successfully start what has become a very lucrative sewing workroom that produces high-end customized window treatments, pillows, table coverings and more.  Angelique has done showhouses with Bay Area designers, and has worked from Napa to Carmel as her reputation has grown.

Client demand initiated the decision for Angelique to open her own workroom.  “Designers were asking me to start my own shop!” she says.  She made a wise decision by starting Angelique Interiors, because she has been a profitable business from the very beginning!

Angelique attributes her success not only to her college degree in textiles and her extensive experience in the 25 years that she has been a seamstress, but also to the guidance that Renaissance provided her. “Renaissance showed me that business is about developing and fostering relationships.  My vendors, clients, and I all have the interest in maintaining mutually beneficial relationships,” says Angelique.  She feels that the instruction at Renaissance has been insightful and professional, and has returned to the Center to take marketing, advanced finance, and business support classes.

As sales continue to grow, Angelique recently added a 4th full-time seamstress and hired a part-time office manager/bookkeeper, allowing her to concentrate on sales and design work.  Angelique knows how to maintain healthy relationships. Her employees have been loyal to her business; two of the four seamstresses have been with her since she opened her studio in 2001! In Angelique’s words, she knows her business is a success, not only by looking at the numbers, but by the fact that she provides income for her employees, she give her clients quality product, and she maintains great relations with her vendors.  “We’re all in this together,” says Angelique, “and that is success.”

Angelique Clark

2346-B Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965-1463 Phone: (415) 339-0591

Angelique Clark