Consejo de liderazgo de la mujer

The Women’s Leadership Council was founded to establish a deeper support system for Renaissance women entrepreneurs that goes beyond training. It is a growing group of exceptional Bay Area business and corporate women providing much needed financial support through their own contributions and fundraising efforts, and offering vision and guidance to help evolve this program further. We are dedicated to guiding and ensuring the success of our inspiring women entrepreneurs by offering targeted programs to address the needs of these underserved communities, but we want to do even more.

Consejo de Liderazgo de Mujeres

Miembros individuales

Theresa Noriega-Lum (Copresidente) / Matthews Asia
Lena Robinson (Copresidente) / First Republic Bank
Alison Davis / Fifth Era
Charmaine Detweiler
Evelyn Dilsaver
Monique Hill / Bank of the West
Stephanie Hill / BNY Mellon
Barbara Morrison / TMC Financing
Ann Marie Lynch / Wells Fargo Bank

Kellee Marlow/ Spark
Sue Monroe / Wells Fargo Bank
Beth Pride / BPE Global
Nancy Sheppard / Women2Boards
Felicia Vallera / SFCBLC

Susan Wang / BlackRock

Miembros corporativos

Banco del oeste
Banco First Republic
JPMorgan Chase
Matthews Asia


We are actively seeking other like-minded women to join our Women’s Leadership Council and help us expand our services and programs to serve more women in the Bay Area. We all have experiences and knowledge to share with these talented and inspiring women. As part of the Women’s Leadership Council you will also enjoy engaging with the Renaissance clients at our Popup Advisors sessions, and networking and mentoring events, while networking with your Council peers as we help the higher motivated women achieve new heights in our communities. We need you, and your community needs you. Please join us in this vision.


Sharon Miller, CEO